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ACCIL has installed Push Pull Type Hydrochloric Acid Bath Pickling Line. It can process HR Coils upto 1250mm width and thickness upto 4.0mm max. Acid bath cleaning and rinsing of HR Coils is a standard process before cold rolling.

Our Pickling Line has got certain important features to produce best quality materials in a very clean environment viz:
Micro Processor based Automatic Controls to make it continuously variable speed line.
Auto Temperature Control of Acid Baths to maintain consistency in quality of the pickling. Wet Scrubber Fume exhaust system to have clean environment in the plant.
Energy efficient system incorporating VVVF Drives & SCADA automation to be cost effective.


6 Hi single stand, high tension, reversible mill is installed for cold rolling of the pickled coils to the desired thickness as low as 0.13mm.
Mill has all the capability and capacity to produce cold rolled sheet of practically table top flatness.

Good Quality material output has been ensured by way of the following technology adopted in the mill:
Online Sheet thickness measurement and hydraulic gauge correction system.
Optimum utilization of capacity by implementation of Auto Pass Shedule.
Variable Crown System to achieve high flatness index.
Consistently good quality material output through computerized controls of mill’s operational parameters through VVVF Drives & SCADA Automation.
Higher yields achieved through intermediate & coil ends slow down controls.

ACCIL has installed Hot Dip Galvanising line with all the facilities to produce high quality Galvanised steel Coils/Sheets. The salient features are:

• Continuous chemical cleaning process
Further cleaning and annealing through Non-Oxidising Controlled environment through Non-Ox Furnace to achieve best adhesiveness of Zinc coating.
Online Skin Pass Mill to provide desired surface finish, Uniform and controlled thickness to microns level accuracy.
Online Tension Leveller to eliminate shape defects such as coil set, crossbow, crown, camber and centre buckle. In short a TABLE TOP, ZERO SPANGLE FLAT STRIP is produced.
Online coating thickness measurement system ensures uniform coating across the width and length of sheet.
Line & Non-Ox Furnace have centralized controls through VVVF Drives & SCADA automation


This plant has got all the capability and capacity to produce high quality Colour Coated Coils / Sheets to meet the requirements of technologically advanced infrastructure steel and O.E.M sector like white goods and automotive industries. The line consists of:

• Chemical cleaning of the strip
• Chemical coaters to ensure the best adhesiveness of paint
• Coater from GFG, USA, world’s best coater plant supplier – to ensure uniform coating of paint.
• Guide Film for surface protection during transit and storage.
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